Unwrapped Life Review | Shampoo & Conditioner Bars | Switch or Ditch?

  • 2022.10.06
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Unwrapped Life Review | Shampoo & Conditioner Bars | Switch or Ditch?

Unwrapped Life Review | Shampoo & Conditioner Bars | Switch or Ditch?

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Review: Unwrapped Life

“Luxury Meets Sustainability”

Color-safe, chemical-free, toxin-free, sustainable, vegan, gluten-free, and locally made (Calgary, AB)

Hands down, the bomb-diggity of shampoo and conditioner bars! Suds easily, detangles, and conditions incredibly! No frizz, limpy or dull hair, even when left to air dry.

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The Hydrator Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
Ingredients:100% Pure Essential Oils: corriander, juniper berry, sweet orange, palmarosa, geranium, cardamom and patchouli (believe me, it smells NOTHING like dirty hippy patchouli!) haha

Sodium Coco Sulfate
– coconut derived, not as irritating, drying or penetrating to the skin. Still processed, but a MUCH better alternative than SLS etc…

Coconut Oil
– anti-inflammatory, anti-septic anti-fungal

Cocoa Butter
– scalp moisturizing, sealant (retains elasticity in the hair shaft)

Colloidial Oatmeal
– deeply moisturizes dry and problem skin, reduces itching
– colloidal oatmeal is ground and suspended in liquid, increasing absorbency

Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry)
improves strength, reduces dandruff, helps dry skin, hair loss and dehydration

Shea Oil
– moisturizing, reduces inflammation for an overall healthier scalp

Hemp Seed Oil
stimulates hair growth, contains vitamin E, moisturizes scalp and contains fatty acids to help increase shine
Apricot Seed Oil
– sotening, moisturising, anti-inflammatory
– helps skin retain it’s elasticity
– helps treat dermatitis and eczema
good for sensitive skin


Dimethicone copolyol
– water soluble silicone to help control frizz, add shine and smooth hair shaft

– pantethoic acid (Vitamin B5)
– gives hair moisture, shine and reduces split ends
Penetrates readily into the skin
Great moisturizing and softening properties.

Conditioner Bar

100% Pure Essential Oils (same as shampoo bar)

Shea Butter
– protects hair from heat damage, emollient properties
– contains vitamin A and vitamin E for scalp health

Olive Oil
– seals in moisture, adds shine, reduces frizz and protects from heat damage

Coconut Oil
(see above)
Sweet Almond Oil
– carrier oil for essential oils allowing penetration into the skin
– contains vitamin B1, and B6 (helps stimulate hair growth)
– soothes irritated scalp

Jojoba Oil
carrier oil for essential oils allowing for better skin absorption
Calming and soothing on the skin

Vitamin E
skin protection, hair nutrient, moisturizing,
promotes hair growth

Organic Aloe Vera
extremely calming on the scalp, nourishes the skin
Protects against damage

D-panthenol (provitamin B5)
(see above)

Behentrimonium Methosulfate (from rapeseed oil)
– detangling, hair thickening, smooth cuticles
emulsifying agent

– emulsifier (mix of fatty alcohols from coconut and palm oil)
emollient properties to leave skin soft and supple

emollient, emulsifier, thickening agent (plant derived)

Glycerine (coconut, palm)
– hair sealant, absorbs water
humectant (draws moisture from the environment)

Wheat Germ
– promotes cell formation
increases vitamin B and E
Extremely moisturizing (even more than coconut oil)
– carrying agent for other ingredients
it’s sources from silicone, but the molecules are too big to penetrate the skin

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